The Lions service organization began as the dream of Chicago businessman Melvin Jones, (photo top right) who believed that local business clubs should expand their horizons from purely professional concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large. Our motto, "We Serve", exemplifies the spirit of Lions around the world.

Melvin JonesThe Jackson Lions Club is a member of the worldwide Lions Club organization which, at 1.4 million members, is the world's largest service organization. The Lions credo is "We Serve", and represents a personal desire and commitment to give back to our local community.

Our members are local business people who serve our community through numerous fundraising programs and events that primarily benefit youth programs. Lions put words into action by demonstrating their personal desire and commitment to give back to our local Amador community and contribute something of meaning to those in our world less fortunate. Our event here in the County are well-known: Dandelion Days, 3rd of July and other efforts (please see our "Our Programs" page for more information.)

Worldwide, Lions clubs are recognized for their service to the blind and visually impaired. This service began when Helen Keller (photo bottom right) challenged the Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness" during the 1925 Lions Club convention. Through its SightFirst program started in 1990, the Lions have provided more than 3.4 million cataract surgeries, built or expanded 154 eye hospitals, supported more than 47 million treatments to prevent river blindness, and a multitude of other activities and efforts related directly to fighting the major causes of reversible and preventable blindness. Not to mention, collecting more than 6 million pairs of used eyeglasses annually for free distribution to those in need in developing countries.

Helen KellerThough our local Club's efforts primarily benefit youth programs, the drive to heed Helen Keller's challenge is very much in play locally, as evidenced by our collection efforts to gather used eyeglasses. You know us as the people who give out little white canes, as a "Thank You" to those who contribute, and to create and sustain awareness of this very important part of what Lions Clubs are all about.

Your participation in our events, and your generosity in helping support our various programs, makes our programs possible. You are helping to made our community and our world a better place to live... and we thank you!