Annual July 3rd Family Picnic & Fireworks Show



Aimee Baseball Field,
Detert Park, Jackson

Left -- The Jackson Lions Club is known for putting on a spectacular fireworks show on July 3rd, drawing folks from throughout the region. Photo courtesy of Todd Riebe.

Right -- The gunny sack race, watermelon-eating contest, the water balloon toss – all part of the free, family fun planned for this year’s Jackson Lions 3rd of July celebration. Photo courtesy of Todd Riebe.

See More Information and Shuttle Bus Schedule HERE !

CONTACT: Jackson Lions Club July 3rd Co-Chair Todd Riebe
(209) 418-9071,


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Welcome to the Jackson Lions Club

The Jackson Lions Club proudly welcomes you to our website! We have served the community and our world for many decades, and our tradition continues today.

Many people ask, "What is the Lions Club?", and here's the answer in a nutshell: We are a group of committed and dedicated business people from the greater Jackson, California area who share a common belief: that service to others is a high and worthy calling. And we share this view passionately with Lions Club members all over the world. Please visit our Why We Serve page for more information about how the Lions came to be, and other information about our organization.

Here is where you'll find the latest information on our Club's many events and efforts such as Dandelion Days and our 3rd of July Fireworks Spectacular and more. You can find more detailed info on our events and activities on our "Our Programs" page.





March 16-17, 2024 - Dandelion Days - 

The weather was about the best we could have hoped for both days - sunny and perfect temps!  Big crowds and everyone had a great time! There was a line at the kids carnival all day for the rides and the bands in the beer garden were great. Thank you to all the vendors and everyone who came to enjoy the event. Thank you also to those who worked so tirelessly to make this a great event. 

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February 13, 2024 - Jackson Lions Club Level Student Speaker Contest

The contest was held in the Creekside Banquet Room at Mel & Fayes Diner. The three judges were Erica Ronquillo, Jay Finnecy, and Victoria Fernandez. The competing students from left to right were Bud Flint (winner), Chloe Page (last year’s winner and made it all the way to the area contest) and Catie Strieff.


The Jackson Lions Club, during a recent special Board of Directors meeting, approved to send $1,000 to the Hawaii Wildfire Relief. Currently, per Lion Todd, CLF (California Lions Foundation) has already raised over $20,000.00 dollars toward this cause/relief fund.









If you would like to contribute to this fund, just click on the "DONATE" button below or thru other avenues described below. The devastating wildfires that have swept through the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii have left families and communities in distress.

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Free Shuttle Bus to Dandelion Days and Live Music Schedule

 Downtown Jackson will overflow with family-friendly fun -- antiques and crafts vendors, two days of live music, pancake breakfast, kids’ carnival, food booths, beer and wine garden – at the Jackson Lions Club’s annual Dandelion Days Street Fair, Saturday and Sunday, March 16 – 17, 2024, 8 am – 5 pm, rain or shine.

Dandelion Days is a major Lions Club fundraiser. It helps to support their Third of July Fireworks Display, Halloween Parade in Jackson, college scholarships for local students, and many other local projects.

  • The Lions Club will hold a Pancake Breakfast, starting at 7 am both mornings at the Jackson Civic Center, 33 Broadway, $8/person, kids 12 & under, $5.

  • Live music stages, sponsored by the National Hotel and Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, will be in Petkovich Park and in the Logan’s Alley Beer & Wine Garden (by the creek next to the National Hotel). Music performances for all ages both days include Amador Sons, Sultan of Silly, Tin Dears, Kool Shifters, It’s All Good, Teal Wheels, Doppelganger, Highway Vagabonds, The Blowbacks, She Calls Him Wilson, and Violin on Fire.  (click on image below for larger view)

  • Food booths and the kids’ carnival will be set up between Petkovich Park and the Ledger Dispatch office.

  • People attending the event are encouraged to bring used eyeglasses and hearing aids to donate to the Lions Club and can also bring other items that support charitable causes such as pull tabs. Donation table will be near the Lions Club Trailer.
  • Free parking with shuttle to Main Street is available in Jackson at the Amador County Administration Building (810 Court Street); Argonaut High School (501 Argonaut Lane); and at the Sutter Hill Transit Center, 115 Valley View Way, Sutter Creek). Free shuttle will be provided by Amador Transit. Paid parking will be available at Grocery Outlet, run by and benefitting the Junior Mustang Youth Football program (no overnight parking there).  (click on image below for larger view)

  • Jackson Main Street and portions of Water Street and Broadway near Petkovich Park will be closed to parking at noon, Friday, 3/15, and to through-traffic from 5 pm Friday until approximately 7 pm, Sunday, 3/17.

  • To for more information about the event CLICK HERE.

  • 2024 Vendor Spaces have sold out !


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The Jackson Lions Club is pleased to announce plans for the Club’s annual Third of July traditional family picnic and spectacular fireworks show at Aimee Baseball Field, Detert Park, Jackson. Read more about this great event, fireworks sales, and shuttle schedule here.

Dandelion Days, hosted by the Jackson Lions Club, returned to downtown Jackson on March 19-20 with a great crowd turnout after a two-year hiatus due to Covid.  The event included a street fair with nearly two hundred vendors, kids’ carnival rides, two music venues with great bands, a beer and wine garden, and a pancake breakfast both mornings.  The Jackson Lions have hosted this event for over forty years, and appreciate the great support from the City of Jackson, Jackson Rancheria, Ledger-Dispatch Newspaper, National Hotel, and other local businesses.  


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Oct. 31, 2015 - Jackson Lion's Club Annual Halloween Parade winners, sponsors and sign holders.

Holding the signs:

First Grade – Jim Hayes
Second Grade – Jeff Seaton
Third Grade – Bob Zweig
Forth Grade – David Way
Fifth Grade – Daniel Davidinas
Pre-school – Tom Blackman
Kindergarten and Jr Hi/sixth grade - Unknown

Wallace P. Jones 1926-27
Charles P. Vicini 1927-29
W.E. Askew 1929-30
W.C. Capeman 1930-31
A.L. Pierovich 1930-31
Walter H. Taylor 1931-32
T.A. Hedgpeth 1932-34
Alex F. Ross 1934-35
George W. Hark 1935-36
Ralph C. McGee 1936-37
Walter Day Manning 1937-38
William A. Balsley 1938-39
D.J. Briscoe 1939-40
Charles E. Gorman 1940-41
S.J. Bonneau 1941-42
Howard Bartlett 1942-44
George T. Morken 1944-45
J. Franklin Daneri 1945-46
Elias S. Day 1946-47
Chester I. Bailey 1947-48
Vern Mounter 1948-49
J.W. Voss, Sr 1949-50
Ray O’Reilly 1951-52
Francis H. Eshbach 1952-53
E.T. Wise 1953-54
Swen J. Peterson 1954-55
Pierce J. Deasy 1955-56
Andrew Ghiglieri 1956-57
Martin Ryan 1957-58
Leon Hart 1958-59
Thomas R. Regan 1959-60
Warren R. Taylor 19’60-61
Milo Radulovich 1961-62
Walter Smallfield 1962-63
Dan Vukajlovich 1963-64
Robert Knudson 1964-65
Vic Koplin 1965-66
Bob Plaister 1966-67
Gard Chisholm 1967-68
Norman Trevaskis 1968-69
Guy Reynolds 1969-70
Bud Peters 1970-71
Lyman Bennett 1971-72
Robert Green 1972-73
Jim Bristow 1973-74
Joe Scheiber 1974-75
George Jim Slater 1975-76
Michael H. Chisholm 1976-77
Larry Standing 1977-78
Bob Rogers 1978-79
Ray Watson 1979-80
Roger Chastain 19’80-81
Dave Carlson 1981-82
George W. Ryan 1982-83
Ray Olivarria 1983-84
Michael Bohl 1984-85
Rob Swensen 1985-86
Doug Gunselman 1986-87
Wayne Lackey 1987-88
Mike Ryan 1988-89
Mark Giannini 1989-90
Bart Gillman 1990-91
Jay Lucke 1991-92
Tom Kohlman 1992-93
Lee DeLange 1993-94
Paul Accinelli 1994-95
Lon Hamburger 1995-96
Paul Molinelli, Jr. 1996-97
Steve Brown 1997-98
Tom Blackman 1998-99
Larry Rutter 1999-2000
Jim Buell 2000-01
Greg Brotherton 2001-02
Bob Ellis 2002-03
Dave Richards 2003-04
Steve Zalkind 2004-05
John Ambrose 2005-06
Jim Guidi 2006-07
John Wiens 2007-08
Todd Riebe 2008-09
Tony Richards 2009-10
Craig Murphy 2010-11
Beau Gillman 2011-12
Jon Luy 2012-13
Ryan Shortridge 2013-14
Ron Olivero 2014-15
Robert Trudgen 2015-16
Eric Rouen 2016-17
Dave Lefebvre 2017-18
Dick Lockwood 2019-20
Byron Welch 2020-21
John Pabst 2021-22


Sept. 14, 2015 - Board members of the Jackson Lions Club are proud to present a check in the amount of $10,800 to the Butte Fire Disaster Fund, managed by the Amador Community Foundation (ACF). Jackson Lions Club President Robert Trudgen (left center) presented ACF President Pat Crew with the check. (Pictured from left to right: ACF Executive Director Kathleen Harmon, Lions Secretary Dave Richards, Doug Smallfield, Mike Presson, Rich Lockwood, Craig Murphy, Jon Luy and Bart Gilman.)

Other groups and individuals are encouraged to do the same, as ACF has the experienced staff to properly administer the task of directing relief to where it is most needed. ACF has confirmed there will be NO administrative fee for this fund. County boundaries do not apply for this fund, so even though this is an Amador organization, those folks in Calaveras in need will be eligible for help. Don't hesitate, donate today!

The Lions service organization began as the dream of Chicago businessman Melvin Jones, (photo top right) who believed that local business clubs should expand their horizons from purely professional concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large. Our motto, "We Serve", exemplifies the spirit of Lions around the world.

Melvin JonesThe Jackson Lions Club is a member of the worldwide Lions Club organization which, at 1.4 million members, is the world's largest service organization. The Lions credo is "We Serve", and represents a personal desire and commitment to give back to our local community.

Our members are local business people who serve our community through numerous fundraising programs and events that primarily benefit youth programs. Lions put words into action by demonstrating their personal desire and commitment to give back to our local Amador community and contribute something of meaning to those in our world less fortunate. Our event here in the County are well-known: Dandelion Days, 3rd of July and other efforts (please see our "Our Programs" page for more information.)

Worldwide, Lions clubs are recognized for their service to the blind and visually impaired. This service began when Helen Keller (photo bottom right) challenged the Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness" during the 1925 Lions Club convention. Through its SightFirst program started in 1990, the Lions have provided more than 3.4 million cataract surgeries, built or expanded 154 eye hospitals, supported more than 47 million treatments to prevent river blindness, and a multitude of other activities and efforts related directly to fighting the major causes of reversible and preventable blindness. Not to mention, collecting more than 6 million pairs of used eyeglasses annually for free distribution to those in need in developing countries.

Helen KellerThough our local Club's efforts primarily benefit youth programs, the drive to heed Helen Keller's challenge is very much in play locally, as evidenced by our collection efforts to gather used eyeglasses. You know us as the people who give out little white canes, as a "Thank You" to those who contribute, and to create and sustain awareness of this very important part of what Lions Clubs are all about.

Your participation in our events, and your generosity in helping support our various programs, makes our programs possible. You are helping to made our community and our world a better place to live... and we thank you!




Locally, Lions Club members support a variety of youth programs such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Little League Baseball, Youth Basketball, Youth Wrestling, Youth Soccer and 4-H programs (through the purchase of animals at the auction, and through support of the 4-H Sacramento and Washington Leadership programs).

The proceeds from our events provide over $15,000 per year in scholarships to deserving Amador area students, and also support Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Our primary fundraising events are...

Event Description

Beer Booths

Each year the Jackson Lions operate multiple Beer Booths as a fundraiser for our scholarship programs.

Dandelion Days

This is the primary fundraiser for our scholarship program, held on the weekend closest to St. Patrick's Day (for more info, click here).

Fireworks Sales
and 3rd of July Fireworks Show

The Jackson Lions will sell approved, safe and sane fireworks at the same location in Detert Park as we have for many years. Click here for more info

We also plan to provide a free fireworks show for the public on the 3rd of July.  Because of changing Covid rules, particularly for large crowds, we are still assessing possible locations and details of the event.  Please check this website and local media for updates.

Annual Children's Halloween Parade  The Children's Halloween Parade takes place every year on October 31st.  The event starts at 5pm in Jackson on Main Street, gathering at the Fire Station. Prizes are awarded for age groups pre-school through Junior High. The Parade starts at 5:30pm, going south on Main Street to the Civic Center were all children will receive a bag of treats and free hot dogs to participants.


The following links offer some perspective on the Lions Clubs and the work we do all over the world. There are also some local links of interest that tie in with our work. Enjoy!

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Official worldwide website of Lions

Lions Clubs Foundation Int'l (grant-making arm of Lions Clubs Int'l)

Amador County Fair

Amador County Chamber of Commerce

City of Jackson



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